5 July، 2018

It’s my right to live in peace without violence initiative

Continuing to Pal-Think for Strategic Studies for the culture of nonviolence project, an initiative was launched by Alkarmel association for culture and community development located in […]
4 July، 2018

Storytelling, folklore, games & cinema: tools to promote culture of non-violence in Deir al-Balah

The Youth and Environment Association along with the Dairona Youth Group have concluded an initiative entitled “folk education: A Tool to Promote a Culture of Nonviolence” […]
4 July، 2018

Video: Youth initiatives

As children are a very important group, we must cultivate a culture of tolerance, dialogue and acceptance of others within them since childhood; youth activists Dina […]
4 July، 2018

Youth debates to promote tolerance and develop life skills

Banyan Community Development Association has hosted a debate organized by youth, the debate was on Tuesday, May 22nd and was a part of “Together We prevent […]
4 July، 2018

“Electronic Violence and bullying” Discussion Session

Salah Abu Zaida and Doha Shaat started their initiative “E-Violence as a Social Problem” in cooperation and hosting of Future House Association, among the initiatives supported […]
4 July، 2018

Radio episode about “A Culture of Nonviolence from a Religious Perspective”

A radio episode was conducted on “The Culture of Nonviolence from a Religious Perspective” as part of the FXB-funded “Benefits of a Culture of Nonviolence” project, […]