About Nonviolence Project

Name of the project:
Building strategic capacity: Non-violence as instrument to make peace domestically & regionally
Implemented by: Palthink for Strategic Studies-Palestine www.palthink.org
In Partner with: FXB France
Project duration: 12 months

About FXB France

FXB started in 1986, when Albina du Boisrouvray’s only son François-Xavier, a rescue pilot, was killed in a tragic helicopter accident when he was just 24. This life-changing loss prompted Albina to walk away from a successful career as a film producer and dedicate her life to champion the cause of the tens of millions of vulnerable women and children left in the wake of the devastating AIDS pandemic. In 1989, Albina give away most of what she had to found the FXB in honor of François-Xavier, to perpetuate the values of generosity and compassion that had guided his life, and to keep his mission alive by also seeking to rescue people – some of the poorest on the earth. the Ngo initials is “committed to rescuing the forgotten people in forgotten places dealing with their forgotten issues”

Problem statement:-

Recent years have seen the increased influence of the religious and political factions in shaping the values and direction of the society. The divide between Hamas and Fattah has led to the suspension of the democratic process. There has been no election since 2004/2005. The young generation hasn’t been given ever the chance to live with the experience of casting their votes. The election of student’s council within the Gaza University has been suspended too. There has been no municipal election in the Gaza strip since 2005. The concept of non-violence as a tool to resume differences has disappeared in the past decades; it was replaced by other means which they are more violent. The target group will be the Palestinian society in general, youth who constitutes %65 of the population in particular. The project will reach the youth through the places where they gather, study and meet such as universities, schools, and CBOs. Also, the project will aim to reach young journalists and bloggers, women and youth clubs who play a vital role in shaping the mind and spirit of the young generation. 5-3 General Objective:
To promote, disseminate and to enhancing the concept, culture and the principles of non-violence within the Palestinian society.

Specific objective:

1-To equip and qualify local community educators and civil society organizations with the concepts, principles, and tool to resume social and political differences by peaceful means.
2- To disseminate the culture and values of non-violence widely within the Palestinian society through publications and media.
3- To insert the non-violence concept and culture on the discourse of the Palestinian society
4- To advocate to adopt and implement the non-violence to the decision makers locally & to international community.

Project’s activities:

Activity 1 :
Organizing a 10 days training course ( training of Trainers, ToT ) on non-violence that target 25 dynamic youth who are willing to be heavily engaged in community development. The training course will include lectures on related topics such as Human right, civic education, political participation, democracy education, peacebuilding, conflict resolution m non-violence, law and constitution, conflict resolution, mediation etc., it will include also film showing, hosting through Skype experts and activist from other countries.
Activity 2:
Planning and implementing of 25 awareness events to be delivered by the trainees in cooperation with grassroots organizations. After completing the ToT course, the trainers will go to their localities with their knowledge and skills on the non-violence, they need to arrange with local community structure such as: youth clubs, women organizations, municipality halls, schools, and KGs to organize an awareness activity where they will disseminating what they have learns. During these activities, reading material and brochures will be handed to the community. Through these activities, the concept of the project will reach to tens of thousands of the population; this will create discussion around these concepts at homes, schools and other places.
Activity 3:
Executing of 10 Radio episodes that discuss lively the non-violence. These Radios episodes will run lively dialogue with guests in the studio and with the people who are lessening to the Radio. People will be able to call and provide their opinions and ask question. Guest at the studio will selected from all fields educators, teachers, politicians and youth.
Activity 4:
Developing and producing of 2,000 copies of flyers that explain the non-violence, these flyers will be distributed widely at schools, CBOs, media stations, coffee shops and internet coffees where the youth spend most of their time ,hair dressers, public transportation and health clinics ..Etc.
Activity 5:
Support the implementation of 20 community initiatives by youth that present their non-violence beliefs. A call to submit initiatives on non-violence will be announced to the larger community, NGOs and youth groups will be encouraged to apply. The selected initiatives must aim to prompt the non-violence concepts to the large community.
Activity 6:
Production of 05 educational short video (5 minutes each) that present concept of none violence in simple style. These videos will be posted at the social media and will be presented at the community events that are organized by CBOs and by the trainer so ToT course. Local TVs will be contacted to encourage them to brodcast these educational materials
Activity 7:
Building a website for the project in both languages, English and Arabic) to be as platform for the project activities, ideas and achievements. The website will be interactive where it will allow exchange of ideas and debate on the project’s concepts, ideas and its activities. It will help in assessing and evaluating the impacts of the project. It will help also to gain new ideas for future following up. The website will be useful to create serious and constructive debate that could lead to establish a social movement that advocates for the non-violence. This might lead to transform into political party.